Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'd like to thank the COTH for giving me the idea to start one of these. Haha! Now I'll have something else to keep me occupied when I should be working.

Welcome everyone to my fun little blog of Jester and I(and any other horses that seem to come along for the ride). The name On Time Eventing, kind of came as a joke, but ended up sticking really well. My farrier, always calls our barn very slow, because since we have so many horses, a lot of times when we go to pick up horses for him, we are always late. Therefore, the name is kind of ironic. The other part of the name my trainer thought of, and I thought it sounded good. Therefore On Time Eventing was born.

I only own as of right now, one horse, and those of you that are on the chronicle may know him..his name is Jester. I bought him off of the track almost two years ago, and is currently competing at Training level eventing in Area II. I will keep updates for him.

I also ride many of our farm's horses, working with some of the new school horses we get in, depending on their ability level and age, either just work with them a few times and put them right into the lesson program, or work with them for a show season and compete them to give them some show mileage. Welcome to my new blog, and I will update more later, off to class I go!

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